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Games on our website Romsformame.com

All games that are on our website are defined like a "abadonware"

Abadonware - could be translated as unused software" and associated with very old games.

Thus it is the software that the manufacturer has already lost interest in (ie sell it and other means of support), these very old games never sell and therefore the owner does not derive any financial loss. A more precise definition we can find the Abadonwaring. It says:

For Abadonware can be considered games (software) that correspond to this definition:

1) Games are older than 5 years (or the owner released even earlier)

2) No longer supports the software, distribute or sell (the company that developed the software and has a copyright on it.)

However, if he Abadonware software subject to the definition, in turn, sell the country, automatically loses its status Abadonware.

Detailed description about Abadonware definition you can read on website Abadonwaring