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Galaga - MAME

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NOTICE !!! All games on this web site I am testing by myself and all are fully functional, but provided only if you use our emulator and our game !!! Emulator and games are specially designed to work properly. Not like the other web sites that offer thousands dysfunctional games, which I personally just as surely as you hate. YOU ALWAYS MUST !!! 1 step: Download the game and add game to the folder "roms", 2 step: In runnig emulator mame32 to press "F5" for refresh games list !!! 3 step: Use only our specially designed emulator mame32 with our games. I will be very happy if the Games will post comments. A't it will be a commentary on the game or our website. I wish you much fun. Your Gbit


The Galaga game is simply a legend. It is the precursor of all the plays and that is a fact !!! A lot of us spent ten hours at this game, and it was still too little :-). For those who have come across the game for the first time, it's a game where you have to bounce off the alien attack with your space ship. Your armed spaceship is at the bottom of the screen, and enemy aliens in the form of different spiders of flies, beetles and other creatures attack you from the top of the screen down. It is no wonder that even after more than thirty years it is still very popular and has been released on countless game consoles of all manufacturers. The goal of the Galaga game is to get as many points as possible and to defeat your enemies. Your movement in the spacecraft is limited to left and right movements. You shoot at your enemies, who create different formations and attack you. You will lose your life when your enemies hit your shot or hit you in a suicide attack. At the same time, one of the extraterrestrials can send you a beam that will catch you and take you to the enemy's position. Then you will be attacked on a massive scale, and if you hit well, you can get a seized ship as your helper who will be next to you and you will have twice as much firepower. For each successful level you can earn up to 10,000 points. In the end, I have to say that the sounds are very crazy, so after a few dozen minutes you are beeping and buzzing in your head. But it's just Galaga with everything :-) I'm sorry I could not play this game as soon as it was released. I was three years old :-) Game development: Namco Publisher of the game: Namco, Midway Music and Sound: Nobuyuki Ohnogi Year of release: 1981


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