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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - MAME

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesr
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4.3 / 10
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In this hack-and-slash action I chose the turtle on the basis of sympathy because the fighting style is all the same. Level 1 Now it's time to save April. There is the first clutch of the foot clan to warm up the fingers, with no problem, even when trying to throw starfish. The next shifting of the screen is already a little dull and it is good to jump. Pedestrians show decent acrobatic bits and sparkling starfish are growing. On the scene, the robots come with laser and fast motion. Exactly a couple of targeted attacks and goes to the first boss. He is in the burning apartment of April, but before that, I've been knocked down by a couple of swordsmen with swords and flame-throwers (hm that you set up that fire, phrajo ...). Rocksteady is a bumper, but his speed and firearm can be taken. Problem solved? Never. Trhač kidnapped April and it is clear that this day will be long. Level 2 There is another batch of foot soldiers on the street. New objects appear in the location to help remove enemy forces. Enemies, armed with boomerangs or cannons, try to fight from afar and they are doing it. Fortunately, there's also the first pizza to complete lives. Juchu, I will burn calories in the next fight with enemies who are now jumping off the roofs and throwing dynamics. Bebop comes with a sonic "pistol" on the scene. If you start to scratch it from the start, it does not have a chance. After this nipple I continue with a channel. Did anyone buy Kutil Tim? Where did the giant hammers come from? The robots add robotic mice who are weak, but they play it on counting. Well, now it's a real action. And hey, a barbed gate. One of the biggest cliché of video games, of course, can not be missed :). There are pawns in the barn, how long have you been waiting in the sewers, boys? Baxter Stockman ... in his robot widget. Here he wants to plan and jump precisely. And back on the street behind a mandatory group of pawns with swords and spears who still have not been kicked enough. Beware of the exploding barrels that are not protected by the turtles. Rocksteady and Bebop are mourning and now they both get together. So this is already a good challenge. The attacks must alternately overwhelm the two and not let them breathe out, or hold them apart and alternately attack the left-right. Level 3 April is in the cage, now it's time to beat Trhace. Let's go. There is a new block with hammers and javelins and even bombs on the road. He's trying to provoke chaos to take you away from the oldschool. Well, it works. At least another pizza is sure. There is a fast intermezzo in the form of a skate ride. Huhuuu, air combat with helicopters? This is already a mess full of explosions, which is very difficult to avoid. Also, after that, the turtle comes out of the road and the champion Tricka disappears. Level 4 The boys of the purple are still having fun. If you do not know how to increase the difficulty, just get some more and more ... and other guys, there's a laser and a bursting object. Best when flying around something! Sensei, where the hell are you? Is a soldier guarded by Dimension X? It's no fun. Level 5 More than the pawns at this stage are passing lasers and robots. From behind the ribbon, the sweat rolls in a duel with another stone soldier. After its destruction comes the scene - finally - "Lord of the Technodrom" - Krang in his epic outfit. And it's still not over. Who can not see my sharp eye? Is not that Trhač? It's Trhač ... me and not one, but a few. The struggle for the bare life and the turtle polish culminate. If you have not had enough of a hitchhiker, you do not do anything else at the last stage. Done, the metal sponge and its clones are a hood, Technodrom explodes, and before putting it back into the cluster, New York is safe :).


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