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The Simpsons - 4 Players - MAME

Simpsons - 4 Players Rom
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4.1 / 10
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Description of game

Just like the Simpsons series, this game is just super. The game begins with a nice video where Springfield jewelery robbers robbers. During the robbery, the Sims family is all around, and when the robbers flee, one of them goes to Homer. The bullies fly out of the superdiamond's hand and Lise falls into the mouth instead of the pacifier :-)). The thieves seize the poor Maggie and run away with her. Your task is clear to save Maggie !!! In Simpsons, of course you have a choice of four characters, that is Bart, Marge, Homer, and Lisa and Maggie.

Bart - runs on his skate and is able to give him a nice shot.

Homer - he only uses his hands as a weapon.

Lisa - he has a rope as a weapon with whom he does well.

Marge - she can make a nice blow with her vacuum cleaner

The first round of the Simpsons game takes place on the outskirts of Sprigelfield. Where you face a variety of enemies. At the end you are confronted with a big muscular fellow who seems to be fist fighting is his daily work.

The second round is in the amusement park. When you overcome all the enemies you get to the main one and it is an inflatable balloon in the form of a Krusty shawl.

The third round of the simpsons game takes place in a haunted forest, so in addition to classic enemies, you'll also find some pretty dangerous ghosts or zombies. Then you go to the underground where you come to the door with two guys. He sometimes climbs his shoulders to the other to be taller. It's pretty funny.

The fourth round is the Moes Tavern, where a drunken guy is waiting for you at the end of the day, and the fire from your drunken handles comes to you.

The fifth round takes place in the rocks around Sprigfield. You will find here, interstellar wasps, but also prehistoric people like a very overgrown homer :-) Eventually you come to the cave, where a furious bear is waiting for you.

The sixth round of The Simpsons is set in the realm of dreams where you fight your worst nightmares. In the end, you must destroy some kind of ball with tentacles.

The seventh round takes place in the TV studio. During this round, you can even hand it off with a dense robot that fits your laser beams. Then you find a bunch of ninjas who are really good and finally with their boss, who has faked thick hair and can do well with a lance.

The eighth round is where else than in the Springfield Atmospheric Power Plant, where you hunted the power plant owner with a banging bullet. Eventually, the biggest bastard who is responsible for the robbery in Springfield jewelery. Yes, right, it's Mr. Burns the owner of the power plant. He will appear before you in a special armored suit and you will have to fight a lot to overcome him. If you do this, the Simpsons ends and you can watch a happy family returning to their hometown.


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