For playing our games you need install emulator to your computer

How to install emulator Download emulator

Download emulator : "EMULATOR MAME Download"


Detailed text instructions on how to run our games:

1) At the top of the magpies, click "MAME32 Download" next to download an emulator. File mame.zip download to your desktop of your computer and the file in WinRAR extract. WinRAR program should run itself when you double-click the file mame.zip mouse. On the surface you should find the folder called MAME and many of her files.

2) Now you need to download a game that you like, so for example the letter P, you can eat the game The Punisher. When you open the article, you can play video from the video game and click on "Download" which you download your game. On the desktop you will see a zip file named punisher.zip. Click the right button and select "Cut"

3) Now open the folder again, we have, and then open the subfolder called "roms" It is empty. Now in this folder, right click and select "paste". Then you should be in this folder find the file punisher.zip, a game that you've downloaded, and they'll probably want to play :-)

4) Go back to the main components we have and the very bottom you will find a set with blue and orange icon, named "MAME32. Double-clicking it, which you run it.

5) You will see your menu, we have a game console. The first column on the left you can see underneath a lot of signs. Click the second sign with the name "avaiable" Now you are in the middle column will file with the Punisher, you click.

6) will present you a kind of table with white lettering. Now press on the keyboard the letter "O" and then "K". Appears next table, where most of them just need to when to pull the spacebar.

7) So let the game began. Now the left of the keyboard and press "5" (no F5!) gaming credits. Now start the game by pressing "1"(no F1!) located just below the bottom right of the Esc key.

8) Most of the games with the arrow keys, Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Spacebar sometimes. All the left of the keyboard.

Supplement to Instruction: If the emulator adding more games is always needed when you add press F5 for new game will appear in the list!