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Tiger Road - MAME

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4.5 / 10
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Description of Tiger Road - MAME

What happens if you strip Black Tiger of its innovative weapon and armor upgrade system and the virtual “Zenny” currency? Yep, exactly: Tiger Road happens. Being released only three fricking months after the Black tiger (August 1987), the Tiger Road and the aforementioned Black Tiger are so damn similar games, that it’s virtually unbelievable, that the same company (Capcom) released two so similarly themed titles so shortly one after another and thought like nobody would notice. What’s even more surprising though is, that the ‘Dragon’ magazine rated the game with 4 of 5 stars. Like really? The visuals of the Tiger Road are clearly superior to those of the Black Tiger, the sprites are bigger and more detailed, but that’s about where all the good stuff that can be said about Tiger Road ends. Really, I’m sorry if this was your favorite game as a kid, but—well, perhaps it is the time to face the truth and reconsider your personal ratings; for Tiger Road is such a cheap reincarnation of Black Tiger and boring platformer at the same time, that it just must make any sane person feel all kinds of sea-sick the moment they take a look at it. The plot follows the traditional cliche line of “bad people X threaten good people Y and you have to take the role of the badass martial art master Z who as the only one can stop X. And so you just slash through the whole thing, slaying hordes of the same unimaginative enemies with swords and spears, collect new weapons and kill boring bosses. Does collecting weapons sound cool to you? Well, wrong! You get these from the broken golden vessels you encounter every now and then on your journey. But since there is virtually no freaking difference between the axe, spear, ball-flail and whatever comes next in terms of performance, it’s everything but cool. Anyway, should you still want to relive that miraculous time, when even those shittiest game ever produced felt like the most awesome ones to your childhood you, check out the control scheme, hit the download button and be my guest: a joystick (arrow keys) – movement MAME button 1 – attack MAME button 2 – jump (note: the time wasted on this game is not subjected to the reclamations and cannot be returned, sorry for the inconvenience)