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Knights of the Round - MAME

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Description Knights of the Round - MAME

Knights of the Round (table) is a classic Capcom style beat-em-up platformer… with a twist. You know, we’ve seen it all: the Colonial Marines battling Xenomorphs? Check. Former wrestlers pursuing the kiddnapers of their daughters? Check. Shaolin masters saving the world from mystical dragon forces? Check. But king Arthur and his two comrades Lancelot and Perceval fighting evil king Garibaldi? Nope, haven’t seen that so far! And boy is it a ride! Prepare yourselves for some top-notch visuals, folks. All the hand drawn sprites are beautifully detailed and vibrant. Animations are smooth and natural. And just before you all go like meh a 2D game, ‘cool’ whatever… please, keep in mind that this is fricking 1991! And I hope I don’t have to remind you how your regular game from that era looked like… because well, most of the time it looked like crap... Now the control system is rather simplistically traditional. An 8-way joystick and two buttons, MAME b1 for attack and b2 for jump. Pressing both buttons at the same time results in the desperation attack, which stuns any enemy in the vicinity of the palyer’s character but slightly drains his HPs. The game itself heavily (especially in the later stages) relies on the simple blocking system it features: press the attack button and move away from the enemy. The first few levels can actually be quite easily beaten without using it whatsoever (after all, I’ve discovered the block as late as level seven, where you confront Garibaldi himself *ashamed smiley face*). Like in most other beat’em’up games, destroying various crates, barrels and barricades you encounter on your way through the game gives you bonuses. These take either the form of food (replenishes health) or gold (gives you bonus XP points). What’s kind of uniqe though, the game also features a simple kind of leveling system. Beating enemies and collecting gold gives you experience points, and everytime you amass a certain ammount of these, you reach a new ‘level’, which boosts your character’s stats and appearance. But that’s not all, guys. Knights of the Round still have a few aces left up the sleeve for ya. Horses. Did I mentioned the horses yet? Yes. Horses. No, you can’t mount vehicles like in Metal Slug here, but… but yes—you can mount horses and stomp your enemies with them! How cool is that? Yet compared to the unbelievable three player co-op mode it’s still quite nothing. Yes, you’ve heard right: three-player co-op! Gather up your whole gang and play all together as Arthur, Lancelot and Perceval!