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Vigilante - MAME

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4.3 / 10
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Game description

I always enjoyed playing arcade game Vigilante. The game, although very old, has pretty good graphics, and the animation of the single-handed strikes and kicks is very good. And now to the very story of Vigilante. Skinheds will kidnap your Madonna girlfriend and you must save her. Your greatest weapon is the martial art you control. Another weapon you can use is nunchaks that sometimes appear to lie on the ground. But that's practically everything, which is a tremendous shame because the enemy gang of skinheads comes with steel rods, knives, long chains, or even pistols. You only have your hands, your legs, and occasionally those nunchaks. It seems to me a bit like the authors wanted to play the game as soon as possible so they just cleared it. As I said, it's really a shame because the Vigilante game could have been much more fun and varied. The first round of the game takes place in a city where you walk around the street and battle your enemies. It is rather funny that the blacks are also in the skinheads gang, which I absolutely did not understand at all, and it comes to me from the Vigilante authors as a total debilitating. Anyway, at the end of the first round you come to the van where your girlfriend is closed and you have to fight a big, thick and bearded jerk. When you overwhelm it, the van will leave and you have to go on. So it's in every round that's five together. The second round takes place on the wreck car. At the end of the second round you will fight two big skinheads. How big they are, they know they are pretty dense :-)) The game has a pretty fundamental mistake. The mistake is that if you find the right combination of attacks on enemy bosses, then it's very easy to repeat them until you fight them. Simply the intelligence of your enemies is zero. The third round is bounced on the bridge, where the enemies will be skinded on the motorcycles, which is quite a nice action change over the previous levels. At the end of the third round you will fight against a skinhead with a clear. I do not know if it's more than a punker. I just do not know. She is stripped to the half of her body, wristbands of leather bracelets with steel spikes and a fine orange clear on her head. He has a steel chain at the end of which is a steel sphere with spikes. Anyway, this villain can also be overcome. We are already in the fourth round that takes place in a suburb. In the end you are skinded with the same description as in the previous round, but it is already bald and the balls of the balls are driven by a burning dynamite. When you kill him, you will ride out on a sort of skyscraper scaffolding, after which you can walk and fight at a tremendous height. Your girlfriend has been tied to the hook for so long. It is quite difficult to fight the enemies who are climbing from behind the scaffolding behind you and there are really many. At the end, you fight the main boss. This is a man twice as big as you. Just a brute that will make you smile during a while. It can even sometimes throw you off the scaffolding, which is quite unpleasant. But if you choose the right tactic and find out its weakness. That is, choosing the right combination of strokes and kicks can even kill this villain. If you can save your girlfriend Madonna and you will love to death :-)))