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Category: OLD PC GAMES For Dosbox

Dyna blaster - DOS BOX

Dyna blaster
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4.2 / 10
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Who does not know a white guy that looks like an astronaut with a bomb in his hand? The story of the game is to clear the dark side (black stooge) kidnapped your girlfriend and imprisoned her in his castle. Well, it's clear that you need it all means (bombs) to save. When each level you will destroy all your enemies will be the entrance to the next level, which is of course what else than harder. A great revival of the game is that you can collect various secret weapon, so the bomb can cause more damage, your doll will go faster, you can place multiple bombs at once, or you can detonate their bombs by remote control. Objective of the game is a villain's Castle, where after the destruction of the enemies you fight the main villain which is pretty hard work. When you win you can look at a nice video where he reunited with his sweetheart :-) Dyna blaster it is simply a classic game that adds a multiplayer so a ton of fun and laughter.