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Evolution Soccer - MAME

Evolution Soccer - rom
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Well, there isn’t much to say about this game, really. As to what’s going on here, I guess the title is just pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it? Well, yes, it’s a soccer—or football, if you’re from anywhere else but US. You have a team of eleven players and your task is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal, while keeping it as far as possible from your own [goal]. Now, I’m not a sports fan. Heck, I’m not even into soccer. Yet… yet it’s still quite fun actually. Kind of table-football/soccer with your friends in the backyard kind of fun. It’s everything but realistic, its graphics are everything but up to date, but hey, fook that, right? Quite interestingly, though released in the same year as the first installment in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer (2001), the two games share no ties whatsover; and what’s maybe even more intersting, Evolution Soccer’s short lived developer, Evoga—wait for it—came from Mexico. Yes, that’s right, a Mexican video-game company. *mariachi band playing* Since the game explains the controls itself before you actually start playing, I won’t bother to give you any more instructions here at all, limiting myself to merely noting that the A, B, C, D buttons corespond to the MAME buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 in their respective order, and that it could perhaps be a good idea to map them to numpad keys 1, 5, 6 and +, so tha the resulting layout mimics the actual cabinet controls shown in the game’s animated orientation sequence. In order to ‘beat’ the game, you’ll have to go through four ‘rounds’, each consisting of three matches. To win a round you have to win 2 or more matches within that round. To win a match you have to a) score more goals than your opponent during the 90 seconds time-limit or b) win the penalty shooting. Graphics-wise, well… I’ve already said it before: for 2001, Evolution Soccer looks rather antique and dated. Yet the soundscape is actually quite good. Well, except for the poor attempt at voice acting in the pre-match sequence maybe, where a thrilled presenter’s voice is supposed to announce the teams participating in the match, yet the final result resembles everything but an actual human voice and feels extremely pathetic. All that being said, however, I wouldn’t call Evolution Soccer a bad game. It got me, a sport anti-fan, hooked up for a while, and that has to count for something, I guess.