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Jackie Chan - The Kung-fu Master - MAME

Jackie Chan - The Kung-fu Master - MAME
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This game Jackie Chan - The Kung-fu Master - MAME working perfectly with emulator version mame64ui, you can download on this web site.

This is probably one of the worst games I ever played. You know, when you open up an Atari two-six hundred game, you expect it to be bad. But when you see an arcade fighter with Jackie Chan sticker on it, you feel like: “This is going to be fun!” But well, it’s not. Jackie Chan the Kung Fu Master is just a badly executed attempt at milking the cash cow of Chan’s franchises. Given the success of Mortal Kombat’s digitalized life-action graphics, Kaneco—the developer of the game, probably felt like it would be a good idea to use this technique as well in their piece, and frankly, I can’t blame them. You see, I’m a huge fan of digitized graphics. Because nothing looks quite real enough like the real-thing itself, or does it? And even now, in 2017, with all our shiny 3D polygon based imagery, we’re still pretty far from games visually indistinguishable from reality. But Jackie Chan the Kung Fu Master (JCKF) is all but a shining example of well done digitized graphics. I mean, the sprites actually feel bigger and more detailed than in Mortal Kombat, they are—however—terribly blurry and grained, and the animations are all but smooth (remember watching a 20FPS *.3gp video on your cell phone, back in the mid 2000’s? Yep, that’s exactly how the sprites feel). Now, gameplay-wise, JCKF is incredibly fast paced (and hard). You get to choose from six available characters, each with their unique fighting style. The combat is 1-on-1 based, where every time two opponents are beaten in a row, one of the three bosses (represented by differently dressed Jackie Chan—WOW!) is to be confronted. The controls are similar to the King of Fighters: an 8-way joystick (arrow keys at default) and four buttons, corresponding to MAME keys 1, 2, 3 and 4 or low-punch, low-kick, high-punch and high-kick in their respective order. To block opponent’s attacks, pull the joystick away from the opponent (pull it away and down to block low attacks). Quite obviously then, these basic inputs can be chained up into numerous combos, unique for each character. I suggest you to look at this combo list here, should you want to delve deeper into this game. And if you really want to do that, be my guest, but I have certainly some better things to do in my spare time... All and all, Jackie Chan the Kung Fu Master is just another generic fighting game from the 90’s, unimaginative and innovative in its approach to the genre. And although the initial premise of Jackie Chan officially licensed game was undoubtedly promising, the overall result is rather disappointing and dull at least.