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The King of Dragons - MAME

The King of Dragons - MAME
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4.7 / 10
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Description of The King of Dragons - MAME

King of Dragons is an isometric side scrolling hack and slash game released in 1991 by Capcom. Set in a middle-ages themed fantasy world, the game offers five playable characters to choose from, and boy is it a blast! As an elf, wizard, fighter, cleric and dwarf, up to three players simultaneously can fight through 16 levels in total, with each level—and as Wikipedia notes, some of them are quite short—ending with a bossfight against one of the featured mystical creatures, such as Wyvern, Minotaur or Hydra.

What makes the King of Dragons so unique though, and what’s—even from the perspective of 2017—still quite excellently done, are the game’s RPG elements. You gain experience points for defeating enemies and picking up gems and leather sacks with gold coins, and every time you manage to reach a certain score, your character will level up, which which will boosts your max HPs, damage and range. But aside from leveling up your character, you can also pick up weapon and gear upgrades. And, although many other games tried to achieve the same even sooner than the King of Dragons (Black Tiger anyone? Knights of the Round?) the system used here feels incredibly natural and intuitive. Sure, it isn’t overly complex hey, Black Tiger again) but  as long as it works and it feels good it’s OK with me, I guess.

The controls are as simple as it gets. An eight-way joystick you use to move your character around and two buttons, one for attack and one for jumping. Pressing both buttons at once triggers a ‘desperation attack’, a concept very well known from other hack-and-slash and beat-em-up games, which basically kills everything currently present on the screen but drains your HP bar.

The audiovisual aspect of the game is somewhat above average, in regard to the era it was released in. And even if it is a rather simple button smash, move up-down and move left-right flick, it still carries a great deal of fun, and I regard it as a highly enjoyable gaming experience.

Have fun a give it a shot yourself, folks!