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Tekken - MAME

Tekken ROM - MAME
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4.6 / 10
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Description of Tekken ROM - MAME

This game Tekken ROM - MAME working perfectly with emulator version mame64ui, you can download on this web site.

The first one to start it all, so to speak. And the first one to feature one of my all time favorite video-game crushes: Michelle Chang <3. Now, if you don't know this gem, this milestone in the history of video-games as such, then shame on you and I don't really know what are you doing here at all.

Released in 1994, the very first Tekken pretty much shares the visuals of its later two installments, and suffice to say it doesn't really look bad at all. Well, you might have a brief LOL kind of moment when the character roster shows up, but the actual character meshes used in the game are much much better and have a more realistic feel to them.

Now, speaking of the characters, there are 18 playable characters in total with 10 available straightaway and 8 unlockable ones. All characters share a set of basic moves, but each character possesses a unique fighting style (for example my beloved Michelle is a ranged kick and quick jab kind of a tough girl) with an additional set of moves. But rather than repeating what's been already said a million times over and over, I'll just redirect you to this cool guide right here (for info on which MAME button corresponds with the inputs in the guide, check the table below).

After you choose your character from the character roster, the game then either proceeds into the multiplayer mode (should the second player join in by pressing second coin trigger and then the P2 start button) or continues into the single-player campaign mode. The campaign is split into several consecutive matches, which are 1v1 based and progressively get harder and harder as you play. And your task is to beat through all of them, and thus to win the whole tournament.

Each duel consists of up to three rounds, with the player who wins for the second time first being the winner. Should the match be hanging at a still, though (i.e. nobody hit's anyone), there is also a countdown timer running at the top center of the screen, and should it reach zero, the player with more HP (represented by a yellowish health bar located right next to the character's name) left.

And that's pretty much it. With regards to the controls as such, Tekken is a rather simple game, yet to truly master all the moves of at least one of the characters takes time and a crap-load of practice, and suffice to say, it isn't always fun and games. Yet it still is a must for anyone interested in fighting-games or video-game history, nevertheless.



* 8-way joystick (d-pad, arrow keys) – movement

* MAME buttons 1-2 – left punch, right punch

* MAME buttons 3-4 – left kick, right kick


Control Tekken ROM - MAME