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Metal Slug 5 ROM - MAME

Metal Slug 5
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To ensure that all the games you download here work as they are supposed, use them only with the recommended versions of MAME available directly from our website under the 'emulators' tab. These are specially modified versions of the program, and more than 90 percent of the games won’t work at all if you use them with the regular MAME versions downloaded from elsewhere!

This game is tested and working perfectly with our emulator version MAME64ui, you can download from section emulators.

NOTICE!!! I always check the game files myself before I put them on the website, to see whether they work or not. The basic idea behind this project is to provide people both with a working emulator and games they can run on it at the same time. Unlike some other sites that offer you hundreds of games but none of them really work, I can guarantee you that all the games presented here work like a charm. All you have to do is to use the correct version of MAME emulator, both of which are also available on our website. Whether the game is supposed to run under 32bit or 64bit MAME is always explicitely stated in the game’s description.

 A quick guide for you:

step 1: download the game and put the downloaded archive to the ‘roms’ folder within your MAME root directory

step 2: after launching the emulator, press F5 to refresh the game database

step 3: double click on the game’s title in the list to start the emulation

step 4: once the game starts, press ‘5’ on your keyboard (the one above your regular keys, not the one on the numpad) to activate the ‘coin trigger’ and then press ‘1’ (again, not on the numpad) to start ‘player one’ game. (note: these can be both remapped through the MAME settings tab, where you can also find mapping for the second player controls).

 And since I spent my free time on this website, bringing you all these fully functional games, so that you too can have some retro themed fun, any comments will be much appreciated.

Have fun! Your Gbit.

Description of Metal Slug 5 ROM - MAME

Well, the Peregrine Falcon Squad is at it again. The mysterious Ptolemaic Army has stolen a valuable data-disc containing secret intel on the Metal Slug project and the team (joined by Eri and Fio from the S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S) has to retrieve it back.

Duh, where do I even begin? Another year – another Metal Slug; and SNK’s milking cow franchise lives for yet another day. — Now, I have to be frank, even though I have to admit Metals Slug 3 was one of those better side-scrollers I ever played, I’m not quite following the hype surrounding the whole franchise, and Metal Slug 5 feels nowhere as good as the third installment. (And here I bet I got all the #Fanboys #Triggered)

But anyway, let’s take a look at this together, shall we?

Now, it doesn’t really matter whether you eat Neo Geo boards for breakfast and wear only t-shirts with SNK’s logo on it or not; let’s face it: Metal Slug 5 is a pretty sloppy job when it comes to videogame development. — If SNK wanted so badly to bring us this “new” (and the quotation marks are completely intentional here) and also completely ridiculous Aztec/gas-mask-punk enemy, they could have at least take the damn time to make a whole new set of sprites, instead of reusing those of the rebel army troops. And to whoever thought that Indiana-Jones-style Aztecs summoning a demon are better than zombies and aliens: f*ck you, dude.

Indeed, about the only thing that’s original about Metal Slug 5 is the backgrounds, which are not that great at all, if you’d ask me. And in fact, I feel like they are a major step back from the earlier games. Like, really, if this is the best you could do in 2003, guys, then GTFO. Compared to the frozen forest in MS3, the Amazon jungle in Metal Slug 5 feels utterly artificial, and that—I think—is an incredible waste of potential for eye candy, especially considering the rest of the locations (crypt, warehouse etc.) is a variation on a theme we’ve all seen a million times already.

Gameplay-wise, nothing has changed too much. Except for the fact that in Metal Slug 5 you can now perform a slick slide-move, which enables you to dodge some enemy attacks you’d otherwise wouldn’t be able to dodge at all; also the medal system from MS4 has been dropped. — But aside from that, everything else stays as it were, be it for better or worse.

So, yes: once again you have three lives and four characters to chose from. Once again the bosses are ridiculously OP. As you play, you save POWs, pick-up weapon upgrades, med-kits and bonus points, and once again you get to drive several vehicles of the regular army arsenal. And since the controls remain the same and are nicely explained in the game itself (as it is usual with SNK titles), there is no point in mentioning these at all.

The soundtrack has slightly shifted more towards the metal genre from the previous installments, but all and all it is mediocre at best. I mean, even in Metal Slug series I’ve heard better—much better.

Now, after all this, I’m sure all the NeoGeo and Metal Slug fanboys out there will hate me for life (and please, do—really, be my guest; like I care). But what’s more, chances are (and they aren’t exactly small) that the majority of you will download and play Metal Slug 5 anyway, no matter what I say, so what’s the deal, huh?


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