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X-men Vs Street Fighter - MAME

X-man Vs Street Fighter rom
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4.3 / 10
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Description of game

To cut it short: X-Men vs Street Figter is basically a stepped up Street Fighter II with additional features and bunch of X-Men universe characters you can play with—or against them. The major added feature is the presence of a team-tag system, where in each battle there are two fighters on each side, who can be then freely swapped forth and fro during the combat indefinite number of times. The graphics were upgraded accordingly to the date of release (1996, that is five years after the SFII) and there is more playable characters than in any other previous installment in the series. Controls in X-Men vs. Street Fighter are pretty much the same as in any other Street Fighter game (check those in downloads): an 8-way joystick + 6 normal or 2 pressure sensitive buttons. Quite confusingly though, MAME appears to defaultly give you only something in between: 4 buttons (more about this button mystery here), but if you look into in-game config, you can map all the six buttons (I mapped them to 4-6 and 1-3 numpad keys, with 4 being button-1 and 1 being button-4, just a suggestion, you know). And once again, the joystick isn’t there just for fun, nor is it there only for moving your character arround but also for gesture recognition, which is a part of the way how Street Fighter games register the moves you want the character to perform (forgive me my lazines, I won’t bother to write these down here, cause a/it’s so much more fun to learn them by yourself and b/there’s a pretty high chance you have access to google and Street Fighter wiki where you can find them). In Player against Computer battles, you choose your two fighters and two other are randomly selected for the computer. In Player vs. Player battles, each player chooses on their own. Unlike in other Street fighter installments, in X-Men vs. Street Fighter crossover the place where the battle takes place (and its according background) is chosen randomly. A team wins a stage when both opponents are knocked out. If the stage timer runs down to zero, the team with more HPs left wins. There is 11 stages in total in X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and you have to beat all of them to confront the final boss, the first mutant of them all, Appocalypse. But if you have a life you won’t, anyway. Cause it’s virtually impossible to beat all the eleven stages without really knowing all the characters, their pros and cons. No, don’t worry, you won’t see Apoccalypse anytime soon. But that doesn’t matter anyway, because it’s fricking Street Fighter, versus X-men, dude! And that equals fun.