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Gun Smoke - MAME

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Description of game

My name is Billy Bob and this is my story. Ever since I was a little kid I knew that my job just can’t be something ordinary and boring. And it sure as hell is an ordinary and boring job to be a cowboy in the wild wild west. That’s why many a guy here turns to the wrong side of the law, just to help himself out of that crap. I am a bounty hunter. My job is to take those poor souls down, for money, of course. I have to earn my living somehow after all, right? And let this be clear, this is no job for some Jellyfish like you… First day in a new job. I arrive to this god-forgotten town and ask the locals for my first target. He’s a big fish among the local slave-traders. And sure as hell news travel here faster than lightning: his men are after me. Before I get out of the saloon I have to shoot five of them dead. Then I walk down the town street. A horde of my target’s slaves jumps at me and shoots at me from the windows. Why, god-damn-it? Too bad. Nothing stands between me and my target. I’ve found him at the outskirts of that crazy town. He was waiting for me with his Winchester rifle ready in his hands. If he knew how to handle that thing as much as he knew how to handle his slaves, I wouldn’t be probably here. But hey… My first blood stained money. It was an outstanding feeling, I knew immediately this wasn’t the last time. Once a bounty hunter, always a bounty hunter. The Sheriff had some trouble with this guy named Roy. Again, a big fish in his area of expertise: train robbing. I race with the train on my horse, waiting till it stops. But Roy wasn’t alone. No problem though. Before he got to me with his silly knife I had sent him to the other side. As it stands in the Bible: wealth is fleeting. And indeed it is. Luckily enough, serenity and peace are too fleeting on the wild wild west. A crazy foreigner started making trouble. We don’t like foreigners here. He defended himself valiantly. He defended himself good. He jumped and dodged my bullets like the wind himself. He threw shurikens at me. Yet like everyone else, he lost. and it was the end of the first and the last ninja in the whole fricking wild west. The days rolled by and there was a new job before me. This time a guy nicknamed Cutter. A charming nickname, isn’t it? Would have probably scared to dead many a guy. But not me. Not even his men were able to stop me. Not even he, Cutter himself. He tried to got me with boomerangs. Oh come on, don try to insult me with kiddy toys! Then there was this Pig Joe. A crossbreed between a pig and a bull. A hideous creature, really. He covered me with dynamite sticks like I was a fricking gold mine. But it did him no good nevertheless. I had got a bullet with his name written on it long before I got there for him. Then the Indians. You know, you have to show them savages their proper place, from time to time. Show them where they belong, you know? Some of them had proper firearms, mostly stolen, but the majority came at me armed with bows only. Bows, god-damn it! Oh there were just to many jobs I’ve done… Los Pubro, the Mexican jeweler… Fat Man, Wignat family… The all bite the dust now... Gun Smoke is a classic side scroller, where you constantly move forward, jump and dodge enemy bullets, while shooting your own, in three possible directions. Billy Bob isn’t immortal. If you get hit by an enemy or if the screen ‘slips off’, the result are fatal. However, there are power-ups—like horse you can ride on—placed all around the map that will help you dodge enemies. The game was produced by Capcom, with Yoshiki Okamota as the lead designer. Music for the original arcade version was composed by Ayako Mori. Music for NES, FDS, MSX and Playstation ports was then composed by Junko Tamiya.

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