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Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter - MAME

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter Rom
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4 / 10
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Description of game

Only one year later, and here we go again with the same old story: X-Men vs. Street Fighter, only this time with less actual X-Men and more of the other Marvel characters. Capcom’s milking cow strikes again, folks! Code-wise, the engine of the original X-Men vs. Street Fighter from 1996 has been slightly redesigned, but graphics-wise the game is pretty much the same as its year old prequel. Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter features 24 characters in total, 18 of those available straight from the begining, plus 6 unlockable ones. As with any other Street Fighter game, the controls are based around an 8-way joystick and six buttons aranged in two rows of three: one row for punch and the other for kick; collumns then determine the strength of the attack, from hardest on the left to the lightest on the right. Lightest attack deals the least damage but it is the fastests one, giving the opponent less time to counter attack. Vice versa, the hardest attack deals the most damage but it’s ultimately also the slowest, rendering you vulnerable to counterattacks. Again we have the team-tag system of 2on2 battles, where each side chooses two players at the start and those can be then freely switched between indefinite number of times during the match. Dealing damage gains you excel points (their ammount is represented by a segmented bar beneath your character’s health-bar), which give you the ability to use special moves unique to every character. Once the match starts a countdown timer is initiated at the upper center of the the screen. Should it reach zero, the match ends with the winner being the side with more HPs left. Otherwise the match ends when one of the sides is completely defeated, i.e. both their fighter’s are down. Players can play either against the computer, with a boss waiting for them at the end of the campaign, or one against each other (two players max) in a multiplayer mode. If you like Marvel and SF franchise (or at least games similar to SF), you’re going to have a great time with Marvel SuperHeroes vs. Street Fighter. But if you are looking for innovation here, go look somewhere else. This is just not the case.