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Night Slashers - MAME

Night Slashers
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4.4 / 10
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This game working only with newest emulator Mame142 !!!

Now, Alien vs. Predator aside, you I’m not much of a brawler fan, and you all probably know that already. But, I was rather pleasantly surprised as to how good and satisfying it feels to play this game. Indeed, Night Slashers is a surprisingly good and addictive beat-em-up game that shouldn’t slip the attention of any serious retro-gamer, be it a fan of the genre or not.

If you’re looking for a sensible story here, go somewhere else. Night Slashers isn’t about storytelling. Night Slashers is all about punching, kicking and stabbing zombies, mutants, werewolves and anything that comes into your way. Why? Because it’s fun!

The game features three playable characters, and up to three players can play simultaneously on a single machine. The goal is to get through several levels split into two or three sections each, and defeat the boss at the end of the each stage. The completion of a stage is time limited and should the countdown timer run out completely, you die. When a character dies, a ten second countdown starts, giving you the choice to either start all over or continue from the point where you’ve died. If you choose the later, a minimalistic character selection dialogue lets you reconsider your original character choice.

Gameplay mechanics and the controls are simple and intuitive (see controls tab below). Like in most brawlers, the characters can pick up various items like jewels, food or weapons. While jewels add to your score counter, food replenishes your health (represented by a blow-torch bar at the top of the screen). Weapons—or throwables, should I say, are items that can be picked up and then thrown at the enemies to cause damage, such as barrels, suitcases and boxes. Sadly, these are the only weapons available, since the game features no knives, swords or firearms whatsoever.

What makes Night Slashers so fun, though, is the superb visual aspect of the game. The combat animations are simply a treat to watch. Every kick and every punch feels real and satisfying enough for you to want more. And that’s exactly what makes for a good beat-em-up game in my books, that’s what made Alien vs Predator or Kings of the Round so enjoyable. It’s not the lore and neither it’s the settings, it’s the cool moves and animations that keep you going, slashing and punching enemies, while feeling like a true boss.






BUTTON 1 → attack

BUTTON 2 → jump

LEFT/RIGHT + B2 → jump kick


DOUBLE-LEFT/RIGHT + B1 → dash attack