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Street Fighter EX 2 Plus - MAME

Street Fighter EX 2 Plus - MAME
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4.4 / 10
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Description of game

This game Street Fighter EX 2 Plus working good with emulator MAME version mame32, you can download on this site. As the name already suggests, Street Fighter EX2 Plus is an extended sequel of the previous Street Fighter EX, the very first game in the Street Fighter universe to ever utilize polygon based three-dimensional graphics. As oppposed to regular Street Fighter EX2, Hayate was replaced by a female fighter Nanase in the Plus version of the game, and the characters of Darun Mister and Pullum Purna—ommited from EX2—are now present as well. Gameplay-wise, Street Fighter EX2 Plus is pretty much the same as EX1 and EX1 Plus (and pretty much as any SF game in the series, excluding the original Street Fighter I). You can play against the computer or against a second player in a multiplayer mode. Players control their characters by an 8-way joystick and 6 buttons (two rows of three), with one row for punch and the second for kick. The collumns then stand for the strength of the attack (hardest to lightest from left to right), where lightest is the fastest and the hardest is the slowest one (thus rendering you more vulnerable to counterattacks). Block is performed by moving the joystick away from the opponent. Special moves and grabs cannot be blocked, though. Now, don’t get me wrong, Street Fighter EX2 Plus is a great, great GREAT game. But the ammount of new content AND/OR features it brings is miserably small. And the critics of its time—though still praising its obvious qualities—had criticized the game for not being innovative enough. You know, and even though it was one of the most enjoyable Street Fighter experiences for me, I have to give them that, they were right. Plus it’s a shame to see this kind of franchise milking, where one presents a merely polished game as a completely new title and acts like it is completely OK; especially with a company like CAPCOM and franchise like Street Fighter.