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Dig Dug - MAME

Dig Dug - MAME
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4.3 / 10
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Descripion of game

This game working perfectly with emulator version mame32, you can download on this web site.

Dig Dug I’ve really tried to like Dig Dug, I really did. I don’t think I was much successful, though. It’s one of those games, you know, where you just wonder how could have anyone possibly come up with that kind of stuff without being sky high on drugs in the process. And indeed, the WTF factor is hitting the Moon here. You take the role of Taizo Hori—whoever that is and whatever his occupation and motives are—and your objective is to dig underground and kill all monsters that live there, for which you gain score points. The deeper underground you are, when killing the enemy, the more points you get for the kill. Enemies—there are two types of them—can be killed in two ways: either by inflating them to death with your air pump or by dropping boulders on them—you’ll get extra points for that. Now the enemies, as I’ve mentioned before, there are two kinds of these: Pookas and Fygars. While Pookas are round little tomato-like ghosts, Fygars are dangerous fire breathing dragons. Both will chase you on-sight, either through dug out corridors or through solid soil. As the pump requires 3-4 blows to actually kill an enemy and before that it merely stops the enemy from moving around, you can use it to stall some of the creatures that are chasing you, so that you gain a little time to get rid of the rest and thin the number of your pursuers. You start with only three lives, with an additional life every 50,000 score points. You can lose a life in three ways: getting smashed by a falling boulder, upon contact with both Pooka or Fygar, or by getting caught in Fygar’s fiery breath. All and all, don’t get me wrong, the basic gameplay-principles aren't that bad at all. Quite the opposite, actually. But—as I’ve said before—the WTF factor is on its translunar course with Dig Dug. And without a great portion of childhood nostalgia it’s just not really that kind of a game experience I’d like to pursue. Tip: collect the vegetables that every now and then spawn around the map, these will give you additional score points.