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Karate Blazers - MAME

Karate Blazers - rom
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Description of Karate Blazers - MAME

This game Karate Blazers - MAME working perfectly with emulator version mame32, you can download on this web site.

Akira, Gill, Glen and Mark are all martial-art aprentices practicing under the leadership of a Chinese martial art master, who is told to posses a collection of ancient scrolls, which give him the power to perform and teach the so called ‘Super Blow’ move. When the master goes missing along with the scrolls and his daughter, the four aforementioned characters engage on a journey to rescue their master and his daughter, along with the ancient scrolls.

Now, Though I like Video System’s Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings series, I gotta say that the Karate Blazers are probably one of the worst and most boring games I ever played. Released in 1991, it follows the course of what I call the 91’s Beat’Em’Up Craze. And even though that year produced a lot of bad games and dead ends in the videogame industry (right, SEGA?1), Karate Blazers are like the least innovative and entertaining beat’em’up I was ever faced with. Well, I admit, I’m not that much of a fan of the genre anyway, but… BUT… Really: a poor copy-pasta plot, blend characters and gameplay, lame animations and—the icing on the cake—no weapon pick-ups… blah… no, thanks.

The controls follow the classic beat’em’up scheme: an 8-way joystick (or arrow keys, whatever your mapping is) and two buttons, button one for attack and button two for jump. Pressing jump and attack in button in a sequence produces a joystick directed jump-attack. Pressing both buttons simultaneously will unleash a powerful ‘last resort’ attack at the expanse of your HPs. What’s new however, and what kind of surprised me actually, is that moving the joystick down won’t only make your charater move into the foreground of the screen, but should you press the attack button at the same time, the character will also perform a Street-Fighter style low-kick.

Speaking about which, as you may have already guessed, there are four playable characters in the game, each coming with their own unique set of lame animations. And aside from Glen—a muscular afro-american male wearing orange trousers—you’ll have a hard time actually distinguishing between the remaining three guys, who are just blend generic anime characters, unimaginative and uninteresting.

Now—I really like this word, don’t I?—as I’ve already said, there are no weapon pick-ups in Karate Blazers. Do you remember Undercover Cops and smashing the bad guys with a steel pipe? Well, not in Karate Blazers. The only kind of a pick-up the game offers are the ‘ancient scrolls’ and food scattered around the destroyable wooden boxes, vending machines and other containers. The food will restore a portion of your HPs, the scrolls will give you one adittional life each.

Verdict? Well, no—this is not how you earn money by entertaining people, Video Systems. Cause for that, you have to actually entertain them in the first place, you know?


1 – Check out the SEGA pseudo-hologram arcade system. Sure it looked good, but let’s face it, the games the company released for it just plain sucked.