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Tekken 2 - MAME

Tekken 2 - MAME
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Description of Tekken 2 - MAME

This game Tekken 2 - MAME working perfectly with emulator version mame64ui, you can download on this web site.

We’re back to kick your butt. And we’re stronger than ever…! That’s what she—and her friend—said... Correct, good ol’ Tekken is back! Now, I’m a simple man. Give me a sweet looking native American female fighter dressed in tight jeans and a fringed leather jacket—yes, Michelle Chang, I’m looking at you—and you pretty much got me hooked. And I know I risk being sexist here, but it’s the truth, ya know? A fighting game without likeable characters is ultimately predestined to fail. If there is nothing that would catch your attention and gain your sympathy—that is something that would help you to get over initial frustration of losing—there isn’t much chances you’ll be playing the game for too long. Fortunately, this is not the case with Tekken 2. You see, I’m not saying it couldn’t be better, there’s always some room for improvement, but honestly, how often do you get to fight with a Terminator style military android? Yep, that’s exactly what I thought. There are twenty-four playable characters in the game, sixteen of which were brought from the previous game and eight completely new ones. Keep in mind, though, that for some reason the list of avatars on the character selection screen doesn’t really rotate in emulation mode, and so it might initially look as if there were only eight characters available. Should you browse the selection further though, the detail of the fighter in the center of the screen will still change and show you the currently selected character. The controls remain the same as in the previous installment of the series: an 8-way joystick (arrow keys, d-pad) and buttons 1-4, corresponding to left-punch, right-punch, left-kick and right-kick. Blocking is performed by backing away from the opponent, either standing up or crouching, which allows you to block low-targeted attacks. Combos consist of both button sequences/combinations and joystick movements (quarter-circle etc.). For further insights, see the complete move-list at tekkenzaibatsu here. Released in 1995, each character in Tekken 2 consists of circa eight hundred—eight fricking hundred!—polygons. You remember Lara Croft’s 1996 pointed chest? No, this is just not happening here. The character models are incredibly detailed, and this—even though the rest of the scene basically consists only of two more textured planes (one for the base and one for the 2D background)—is quite a remarkable feat for that time. I just wonder what limited this kind of technology to arcades only, for if you’ve ever seen the intestines of such an arcade machine, you’d certainly agree that it doesn’t quite feel like the actual hardware wouldn’t fit into a regular computer case. Who knows? All and all, the visuals and sounds are exquisite. The gameplay is fun, without being overly fast paced, hard or complicated to comprehend, and it is quite enjoyable even to a player as bad at fighting games as I am. And that has to count for something, or doesn’t it?