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pow - arcade game ( rom ) for emulator MAME
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Description fo game

Nobody messes up with this guy, it’s payback time! Level 1 You start with this blonde Rambo in a military prison camp from where he’s about to escape. But the only way out is through the smashed heads of the enemy soldiers, fighting back with everything they got, from bare fists and knives to various firearms. There is a bright side to this, however, and that is, whatever weapon they carry, you can pick it all up once you drop them dead. And that eases things up a little throughout the rest of the level, where you are to encounter some Fourth-of-July-Ready enemy grenadiers. The machinegun is a weapon of choice for long range engagements and it’s pretty well suitable for melee attack as well. In other words: a universal friend. Once you get to the ladder, get ready for some more enemies, who do not understand yet, that one cannot beat a gun with their bare hands. And that’s it, first level cleared. Level 2 After a cool ride in a tank, you’ll get back to knife only. Luckily, dead enemies drop enough of those. Soldiers are enjoying some kind of a biker party and they will try to run you down on their bikes. Some of them even learned how to jump but that cannot stop someone like you, and you get through the engagement like a hot knife through butter, especially when the grenadiers are stupid enough to kill their own people with their grenades. Then finally the machinegun appears again, and with that baby, no bike, soldier or even a tank—at the end of the level—can be safe… Level 3 In the jungle you’ll encounter an enemy patrol enjoying some R&R by discussing the aspects of local flora and fauna. Well, to each their own, I guess… yeah, and the knife is mine, if you don’t mind… A pack of grenades to be picked up. Jump down the waterfall and voilá, let’s get back to knife throwing! On your way up with an elevator, an enemy chopper pays you a visit. But the limited space inside the elevator only limits your movement, not your combat skills. So, have a nice trip down, guys! Level 4 Early on into the level, the machinegun gets once again into your possession. Climb the ladder and charge at the enemies! Let’s have some fun! There will be some poor attempts at stopping you after jumping of the platform, but nothing you couldn’t handle. Just dodge the enemy bikes with elegant jumps and you’re OK. Oh, come on guys, bring it on! Don’t you dare go easy on me! More soldiers, a whole bunch of them. No time to save on ammo. Then the final scene: a chopper appears, along with a bunch of remaining enemy soldiers. Deal with them and get into the helo. It’s over. You escaped!


More info:

Developer: SNK
Publisher : SNK
Platform: Arcade, NES
Release: 1988
Genre: Beat 'em up
Mode: Single player, 2 player Co-op
Cabinet: Upright
Display: Raster, 256 x 224 pixels (Horizontal), 2048 colors