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Mutant Fighter - MAME

Mutant Fighter ROM - MAME
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Description of Mutant Fighter ROM - MAME

Mutant Fighter was released in 1991 by Data East Corporation. The objective of the game is to become the best fighter to gain the throne of the ruler. You can choose from eight characters. They are fighter then amazoness, then there are hercules, werewolf, minotaur, golem, beast, and dragon end. Each of them has different fighting skills and it is up to you to suit you and which of the characters is sympathetic to you. Werewolf is, for example, good at a flying attack, Beast is dangerous when he jumps on you. The minotaura is very dangerous to its horns and is very fast and strong. Golem has a very strong body, so the wounds of his fist will not hurt him at all. Its disadvantage is that it is very difficult and you can use it. Dragon uses his strong legs, so if you start using your feet, be better off from him. Next, try to avoid the flames that will spit on you. Then there is hydra, which is very difficult to beat. When he grabs you with all five heads, he can tease you into pieces. Then there is a doppleganger here that can turn into you and sometimes it is a real problem to know who is who. Then there is a demon, who is an all-time fighter, so you have to use your mind to defeat it by means of something else. There is also Archmage, which uses its spells. He does not like being close to him because he can not fully use his spells. In Mutant Fighter ROM MAME, you fight each other in a different arena, where there are different pitfalls, but you can also use smartly against your opponent. Each of the characters can also perform a special attack, where he jumps to a tremendous height, grabs the enemy and strikes him with the ground. The Mutant Fighter Mame-ROM combat style is similar to wrestling or today's MMA. Anyway, this is a great game that is very popular with arcade game players.

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