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Asterix and Obelix - MAME

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4.2 / 10
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Description of game

Level 1 The Village is under attack! But don’t you worry, violence is a solution to everything, and you’ll easily deal with all the enemies, no matter whether they will be charging at you with a spear or hiding cunningly in a tree stump. And should you get into any trouble anyway, you still have the power of Panoramix and his magic elixir. In the first boss fight you’ll have to deal with the Romans aligned into a tactical formation. But even with their shields and spear, they are only a very poor match and as such they are destined to lose rather quickly. Bonus round A test of your reflexes. You ride on a horse drawn wagon through a course full of obstacles, trying to reach the finish before the time runs out. Level 2 Romans must be all sweating like pigs in all that armor, let’s help them with a handful of well aimed blows! Falbala replenishes your health, but the Romans and their commanders grow quickly in their numbers and dealing with them takes some time. You make your way into the pyramid, and it’s no easy money here, thanks to the swarms of enemies and giant boulders rolling right at you. Yet it’s only going to get worse. Asterix has to jump up the platforms and dodge boulders and rocks, only to—wait for it—confront some more Romans. The Seconds boss fight presents you with pharaoh controlled by his architect Edifis Level 3 This time you’ll have to jump—a lot. From one boat to another—watch out for sharks! The first brawl comes only a second later. DéjaVu, the same old enemies showing you nothing new. At least you’ll get to the third boss rather quickly. Here you’ll fight some tough egyptian marines, wielding weird bats and whips. Really, guys? Come on, there is no time for this nonsense! Bonus round 2 Smash the barrels onboard the ship to replenish your health and gain additional lives. Level 4 Falbala has been kidnapped by a group of bandits? Oh no, Asterix! Where are you? Jump through the rocky platforms to get to the criminals and deal with them and with their pot-bellied leader as well. This little guy plays the role of the fourth boss here. He doesn’t really look like he can do very much, but believe me, he knows how to swing that battle hammer (no puns please) and ouch does it hurt when it hits you! Level 5 Romans finally step up their game in Spain. They have new weapons and—quite shockingly—they have finally learned how to run and throw spears. So, all that military drill was worth it after all, I guess! And you can see that especially in the scene with a sentry tower, where every floor of the building spawns a bunch of enemies at a time. All the PETA guys out there will then surely approve of the final battle with a raging bull (ay, corrida boss!), where bovine horns meet bare human fists... Bonus round 3 Horse drawn wagon again. Level 6 The next adventure is set onboard a magical flying carpet. But the fairytale ride is every now and then interrupted by thunder and bad weather in general. Once above the land, though, get ready to bust a bunch of enemy horsemen and palace guards. Panoramix’s elixir will help you a great deal. The boss rides a flying rug too here, but he rarely uses it to his advantage and thus he is rather easy to defeat. Bonus round 4 Barrels again. Level 7 Here you are going to confront the Caesar himself. Fight through his palace guards, straight into the Coliseum, where you’ll face the gladiators accompanied by a cute little tiger and the remaining Roman forces. Once you deal with those, Caesar can’t but admit that the Gauls really rocked the day and as a reward, Obelix gets a bunch of roasted wild boars for his dinner.