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Category: MAME GAMES (roms) for PC

Paperboy - MAME

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4.4 / 10
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Description of Paperboy ROM - MAME

When I was a little boy, I spent with my parents holidays in the mountains. It was a big hotel, where I found the very first day a huge room where there were many arcade cabinets with amazing playgrounds. One of them was Newspaperboy, a boy who was spreading newspapers. I was looking at the cabinet like a trance, because the control of this cabinet was not only with the joystick and the buttons, but there were real handbags from the wheel !!! The newspaperboy is controlled by moving the handlebar forward or backward to accelerate or slow down. Of course, it was turning left and right. The newspaperboy game begins with a difficulty experience. There are three of them. After selecting the difficulty you will see a map with a street where the houses are drawn, where you distribute the newspapers and also the houses where the newspapers should not go! Well, you sit on the bike and drive. You do not bring newspapers to the houses, but throw them directly at the house gardens, more precisely either to the front door or when you hit directly in the mailbox. There are plenty of pitfalls along the way, such as a dog, road swings and lots of other things. At the end of the street, the newspaperboy arrives at the intersection, where the sports cars are driving at a high speed. You have to timing it in order not to miss you. Packages of newspapers you deliver are collected at different locations. Maybe on the road. But be aware of cars or drunkards !!! Then you get to the training course where you throw the newspaper on targets. I have to say that newspaperboy is a really great game with a completely original idea. Playability is great, though difficult. I recommend everyone to play it.

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