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Dunk Dream - MAME

Dunk Dream
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4.3 / 10
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Description of game

I’m not a smart man. And I’m not much of a sports fan either. That being said, Dunk Dream were a terrible experience for me. And I got a confession to make: I did not manage to score a single point during a whole hour of my gameplay. Nothing, not a zip, nada. But that—of course—is my and my fault only and the game is pretty much innocent here. I’m just not a smart man.

I really tried to give this game a shot, nevertheless. And I guess any proper fan of basketball would enjoy it. Or at least, back in the day for sure. Quite obviously, Dunk dream are all about basketball. It’s pretty much your generic team-sport game (think of NHL or FIFA), where you—along with the cpu—control a team of players (always only one at a time), you pass the ball, shoot and… you get the idea…

You can choose from four available teams. But—at least to my knowledge—there is no actual difference between any of them, aside from wearing different shirts and featuring visually different players.

Now, the player with a focus on (the one with a red arrow pointing at him) is controlled by an 8-way joystick and two buttons, one for shooting and one for jump. When your opponent shoots, you can try to jump and catch the ball, or at least divert it from your basket.  

Of course, like in real basketball, even here is a countdown timer counting towards the end of the match, so keep in mind that you have only a limited time on the field.

All and all, I’d probably favor three years older NBA Jam over Japan-only released Dunk dream. I mean, it’s not a completely bad choice either. The controls are definitely easier to comprehend and handle—though I haven’t scored a point anyway—than in the aforementioned NBA Jam. But when compared graphics-wise, NBA Jam is a sure winner here.