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Tekken 3 - MAME

Tekken 3
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4 / 10
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Description of game

This game working only with newest emulator Mame142 !!!

Now if you ever thougth Street Figther was hard, then you obviously never have played Tekken. Tekken 3 is a head-on 3D fighting game and the third installment of Namco’s franchise revolving around the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation, a company that regularly hosts a fighting tournament, whose winner becomes the company’s leader for the upcoming term. To win, you have to fight through several rounds and beat all the oponnents the game presents you with. There are ten playable characters at the beginning, and twelve more can be unlocked in-game later (mostly by playing the whole game again and again with different available characters). Controls consist of an 8-way joystick and four buttons (now, unless you have a fighting-stick, I’d strongly recommend you to map those to your numpad). The core of the fight system, however, lies a bit somewhere else: in stringing together combinations of the basic actions (the buttons and joystick) in order to perform a variety of combat moves, unique to each and every character. Each character has basically a 30+ items long list of moves it can perform, and if you want to really master the game you have to remember at least like a half of them. Now, that’s a challenge, right? Graphics-wise—unlike Capcom’s Street Fighter and others—first Tekken started out with 3D-graphics straight away. And in Tekken 3 (released in 1996, that is the same year as SF EX2), even the background imagery is all done in 3D. Whether it’s for better or worse, though, I’ll leave that up to you (but if you’d ask me, I’d say Capcom’s 3D foreground and 2D background solution looks much better, but hey, that is just my biased opinion right?). Moreover 3D graphics also means lower framerates in emulation, but that is nothing for which the game could be accounted, in the end, it was meant to be ran on an arcade hardware. Animations are neat. Voicing and soundscape too, though emulation isn’t one hundred percent ok here, and sometimes you’ll hear an unpleasant screeching sound, that’s when the sound engine freezes and a piece of audio loops a hundred times over and over until it ‘unfreezes’ again. All and all, it’s probably better to play PS version of Tekken 3 in PS1 emulator, but if you are a proper retro-gaming enthusiast, go for it and try the arcade version too. No problem, just keep in mind that it will run a bit slower on low and mid-ranged computers.


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