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Metal Slug 6 - MAME

Metal Slug 6 - MAME
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Description of Metal Slug 6 - MAME

A story of a Metal Slug 6 player:


I was fourteen. I lived in a small rural town and I dreamed of having my own Playstation 2. But my parents had  told me it was a dumb and useless thing to have, and should I want to own such a dumb and useless thing anyway, I ought to work for it myself. And so I took a job as a delivery boy, and worked my back (and legs) for whole six months, only to raise me some money for my own fricking Playstation. And let me, it wasn’t always all fun and games, you know? Smiths, our neighbours, they had this big son-of-a… eh.. a big dog, and he’d always keep barking and growling at me, with those beast brown eyes just piercing right through me like a pair of sick cold knives, and it would always scare the shit out of me. But it sure wasn’t nowhere near scary enough to stop me from getting my own console, not when my friend Jim got his own one and played all sorts of games on it. No way. He showed me one of those once. It was called Metal Slug 6 and I sucked a big deal at playing it at first. Didn’t even make it through the first level—but man, what a game! All of a sudden I wasn’t that small and weak little kid anymore, I was this cool elite soldier and it felt fricking good. But then the time has come for me to go home and I was all small and weak again. And I had to wait for whole another fricking month, before I could finally afford my own Playstation and my own own copy of Metal Slug 6. But I would eventually get there.. I was allowed to play only two hours a day on that thing. Which—obviously—felt like too damn little at that time, and I would keep craving for more like a junkie. But then, luckily enough, my parents went to bed rather early one day, and I seized the opportunity and crept through the house like a thief into the living room, thinking myself how I’m going to boot that Playstation and secretly play through the whole night. And sure as hell I did—curiously enough, without even waking anyone up and getting busted in flagrante. And I kept getting better and better at playing this Metal Slug 6. And I was just about to beat the final boss, when the tv screen would suddenly go off, with my father standing right above me. Man, I was in trouble! Dad gave me a lecture about my latest misbehavior and he took my Playstation from me, until I finally know how to behave and respect my parents, as he put it. Which eventually proved to take whole two months. Life sure did not feel fair back then, but it—given the addictive nature of Metal Slug—sure gave me a lesson: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or on a more simple note: give the others only as much lemons, as you’d like to receive from them yourself… 

The sixth installment of the world renown Metal Slug series brings us yet another load of never ending waves of enemies one has to blast through, all the way to the sweet end. And once again it is an addictive piece of an arcade run’n’gun action. Developed by SNK Playmore and distributed by Sega, the game was released for Atomiswave and PS2 on February 22nd 2006. And in the very same year,a 3D adaptation called simply Metal Slug comes out, but as it offers only a limited portion of  improvement over the previous games, it get only a poor reception from both the critics and the public of the time, which has grown considerably more demanding, since the times of the original Metal Slug released ten years earlier in 1996. Nevertheless, the true challenge still stands for the hardcore gamer, though: how fast can you beat it? And that’s the main reason why is the Metal Slug series still so popular, for the competitiveness of the players knows no boundaries even today.

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