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The King of Fighters 99 - MAME

King of Fighters 99
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Description of The King of Fighters 99 - MAME

Let’s face it, there isn’t too much love for the King of Fighters 99 in the world of hardcore KoF fans. But to be truth, I don’t think it’s completely fair. Yes, they all have their point (some fans feel as some of the available characters were unnecessarily nerfed, some point out the fact that the game is incredibly buggy, some can’t stand the new ‘striker’ system, some don’t like the smaller number of available characters and some just straught away hate it because Ryo is missing from the roster). You see, I’m a huge fan of the series, but since I’m more of a casual player, I can freely ignore all of that and enjoy the game for what it is. And indeed—believe it or not—it’s not that bad at all. After four installments in the series, people at SNK probably felt like the combat system needs a bit of revamping, and so instead of 3-on-3 matches, this time they switched on to a 4-on-4 format. But that’s not all. In addition to that, by pressing B and C mid-battle, a character can call in the ‘striker’, which is a team-unique non-playable character that can provide you with a limited support in the combat. Also, once you get the power-bar fully charged, it not only allows you to perform special attacks and super-blows, but it also lets you to either upgrade your offensive (press A+B+C when the bar is full) or defensive (B+C+D) capabilities as well this time. And here you can see, why some of the more conservative people had so many objections against the game. But hey, why not still give it a shot? The visuals are spectacular (have you thought KoF98 was the pinnacle of pixe-lart? Take a look at the King of Fighters 99 and think again!) and the soundtrack is awesome. But what’s more, the typical King-of-Fighter-ish type of humor is once again here to make you laugh, though probably not as much as in the previous KoF (remember Kensou choking on his snack?). The controls are pretty much explained in the game’s intro, but anyway: you control the characters by an 8-way joystick (arrow keys, or d-pad) and four buttons (A/B/C/D) which correspond to the MAME buttons 1/2/3/4 in that order. Check out the cabinet layout and the original move-list here, and definitely take a look at one of the gamefaq files on gamefaq.com as well.

That game King of Fighters 99 workign good with emulator version mame32, you can download on this web site.

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