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The King of Fighters 95 - MAME

The King of Fighters 95 - MAME
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4.4 / 10
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Description of The King of Fighters 95 - MAME

This game The King of Fighters 95 - MAME working perfectly with emulator version mame64ui, you can download on this web site.

First of all, let me begin with a little clarification from my side: since—no matter how hard I try, and I guess I just don’t try hard enough—I can’t seem to figure out my way around this game, and thus take this review as merely an account of someone who enjoys the ‘looks’ of the game, it’s characters and all, yet completely sucks at playing it. Released only a year after it’s prequel (KoF ‘94), King of Fighters 95 continues with the premise of a fighting tournament held by Rugal Bernstein, a bored magnate, who invites numerous gangsters, trafickers and smugglers to fight against each other in three-member teams, in order to entertain himself and turn their [fighters’] bodies into statues for his collection. There are twenty four playable characters available, aranged into teams of three. And the player may either play with those teams that were prepared for him or can manually pick up a team completely of his own. Now, unlike most team based fighting games, King of Fighter doesn’t allow for tagging. So no, you can’t switch a character Capcom style, but on the team selection screen you assign your fighters order, in which they will go up to the stage, instead. So that the first character goes first, and once he/she drops out the second character takes his/her place and so on. — Feel confused? Well, sorry, that’s just me explaining things. *shrug* — The match is over, once one of the teams lost all their fighters. Now, the controls are typically SNK-ish, an 8-way joystick and four buttons, A/B/C/D or MAME buttons 1/2/3/4 respectively, which correspond to low-punch, low-kick, high-punch and high-kick. Before the game itself starts, it offers you a short orientation as to how to play it (again, typically SNK-ish). Press A+B to dodge; press B+C while at adistance from the opponent to perform a taunt; press C+D for superattack (kinda like in Samurai Showdown), and finally press A+B+C to manually charge your powerbar at the bottom of the screen. Normally the bar fills up when you take or block hits. It can be, however, charged manually as well (though it forces the character to stop and makes them vulnerable to opponent’s attack). Once the bar is full, it allows the character to perform their super-move and for a limited period of time increases the strength of their basic moves. But obviously, the basic moves are nothing but mere building blocks for various combos, which are—at least into a certain extent—unique to each character. Check the move-list at strategywiki here. These are the basics and in order to really excel in King of Fighers, it is more vital than ever to know your characters well. And it is only so much more harder here then in other games, since you have to always play with three characters at the same time—well unless you’re that good, that you can beat the whole thing with the first character only. As to the audio-visual side of the game, well… check out the video bellow. The sprites and the animations are just sweet. It’s one of the best hand-drawn graphics I’ve ever seen, actually. And the voicing and soundscapes are in my humble opinion pretty solid too, for 1995. All and all, King of Fighters 95 is a great game, both thanks to its visuals and design, even though it sits on the heavier part of the difficulty scale. It’s fast, unforgiving and brutal.

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